The copper electroforming process - Part 2

Now that my pieces are prepared and ready, it's time to give them a bath.

I have a 5 litre electroforming tub, full of clever magical blue liquid (its actually science and not magic, but do you really want to hear all about copper sulphate and copper ions?!  If so please visit Gateros who can train you up and tell you all about it). Copper bar with copper hooks, balanced on edges of five litre electroforming tankGloves, apron and eye protection on I then balance the copper bar, with half a dozen or so silver-painted pieces attached, to the top of the tub.

Either side of the tub is a copper 'anode' and these have a positive electrical charge attached to them. The bar with the pieces on it forms a 'cathode'. 

Once the negative charge is attached to them closing the loop - copper ions from the anodes are magnetically attracted to the silver paint or copper elements of the pieces (or cathodes). 

And so the process begins...

Needless to say, there is also a lot of checking, tweaking and adjustment that goes on over the next few hours.. but after between five and ten hours and some care and attention, (hopefully) a beautiful new pendant or ring miraculously emerges!

Finished rings, having been taken out of electroforming tank and sealed with varnish

It's a very organic process, dependent on the item itself, careful preparation, heat, electric current, filtration and... well, a fairly large dollop of luck. 

Rings are then cleaned, polished and sealed and pendants are threaded onto delicate sterling silver chains hand-chosen to compliment each.  As a self-confessed perfectionist, I like to finish everything properly, so I solder small jump rings to each end of the chain and add a small oval lobster clasp for the finishing touch. Finished green glass necklace on delicate silver chain hanging, with tongs and tools behindIt doesn't always go according to plan - and I've made hundreds of mistakes whilst learning about the process - but I totally love the magic of electroforming.

I'm enchanted by the notion that I can find a pretty leaf or bright piece of glass and transform it into a totally unique, wearable piece of beautiful jewellery. 

My beautiful friend Amy, wearing a finished ivy leaf necklace

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The copper electroforming process - Part 1

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