Necklace length guide

If you're wondering what length of necklace would suit you and the outfit you'd like to wear, you're in the right place! I've put together a handy guide to help with this conundrum.

As you browse each necklace listing, you will see it details the length of the chain in inches, for that specific piece. This measurement is the chain only and does not include the length of each pendant. You will need to allow for this. Each individual necklace listing also details the length, breadth and thickness of it's featured pendant.  You can add this to the chain length to get the full length, to the very bottom of the necklace. 

Look out for a special bonus for some of the larger pieces! With some of these, I have added extra rings (known as "jump rings") which the clasp can be fastened into. This extra touch means that the length can be altered to suit the occasion, the outfit you've chosen, or just how you're feeling that day! 

You can download my handy guide here

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