Three photos of Dawn: with her puppy and husband, on a summer walk by the river, and setting up a fair in a beamed building

I'm a local jewellery designer and maker living on a riverboat between the borders of Herts and Essex.  

I create, design and make in my shed, perched on the bank of the River Stort, surrounded by trees, birds and the elements. 

Life so close to the water and earth inspires my practice and gives rise to one-of-a-kind jewellery collections and bespoke pieces featuring silver, gold, copper. I also use striking cascades of precious gemstones, in water and kingfisher tones of green, blue, teal and turquoise precious gemstones.  

My mission is to help you find a piece of jewellery that lights up your day, in the same way a kingfisher does, as it flashes past on a rainy day on the river. 

I think something magical happens when an idea that otherwise only exists in your imagination, comes into being as a beautiful, wearable piece of special handmade jewellery 

I've been making and designing since 2016 and discovered the alchemy of electroforming a couple of years later. This special process means I have the ability to transform found leaves, stones, shells and bits of broken glass into necklaces and rings. Hence my name: Found by Dawn. 

In 2022, having completed a Diploma in Silver Jewellery, I gravitated towards making jewellery in silver and gold.

Delicate handmade silver and necklace with silver chain and dangling green and blue beads, worn by model in front of a willow tree

That Autumn, I launched The Windblown Collection, inspired by the dripping rain and glinting sunshine at the end of Storm Eunice. This formed my first adventure into combining delicate silver and gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings and small cacades of precious gemstones. 

Gold wire and precious gemstones in blues, greens and turquoise with river side background

In spring 2024 I launched the Positive Space Collection which plays on the theme of negative space with a light touch, combining gemstones with gold and silver wire for minimalist boho style dangly earrings.(Yet to be officially added to my website so if you'd like to see more, visit Instagram or Facebook),

I’ve really enjoyed sharing my local handmade jewellery at makers markets and handmade artisan fairs across Hertfordshire and Essex. Discover where I am, come meet me, and pick out your favourite piece of jewellery in-person? I share details of where and when you can find me next in the header banner of my home page.

I can also help you with commissions - designing and making one-off pieces of jewellery. So, get in touch if you’d like me to make an unforgettable gift for someone special, or if you’re thinking you’d like to treat yourself to a bespoke piece of jewellery that you'll treasure forever.  

Do take a couple of minutes to browse my collections and add your email if you'd like to join me on this dazzling journey, as part of the Found by Dawn Inner Circle.

Handcrafted special silver necklace, ring, bracelet and bangle worn my woman in field of golden lit grass

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Find me and my jewellery...

  • Friday 19 July, 6pm-9pm at Ware Priory Artisan Craft Fair with Folk & Bespoke (free entry) as part of a curated showcase of 30 artists, crafters and makers
  • Sunday 10 November, 10am-3pm at Sawbridgeworth Artisan Craft Fair with Folk & Bespoke (free entry) where you can browse stalls from 40 skilled artists and craftspeople, showcasing and selling their handmade arts

Please note, I currently only take orders from UK based customers, but plan to expand in 2024. Join my Inner Circle for updates!

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