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I came to a conclusion about my monthly emails, on a trip to Jura in April 2022. (Read the blog here, warning: comes with spectacular views).

My monthly emails will only contain information that I would find interesting. This may sound a little conceited but hear me out.

I think you’re probably more than just a little bit like me: you like to hone in on the good things in life - memorable moments with friends, delicious food, a nice glass of wine, quality time spent with loved ones, a peaceful walk down the river… but sometimes we need to be reminded to take a breath and appreciate these things. We all need to just slow down a bit, once in a while.

So these are the things my email will be about. With a primary focus on slow - slow jewellery, slow-food, and just slowing down in general - to appreciate whatever moment we are in.

And it won’t be just about me - my friends will be part of it. They like these things too and I'd like to share more of them with the world. They are all so clever and talented and they seize life with both hands in such vivacious ways. I want to share what it is that makes their existences joyful... and I reckon that some of the brightness of what they share will reflect back to you. Maybe you can try a recipe, read a book, or just be inspired by something you’d not thought about before. 

And, I’m inviting you to be part of it too…there’s a reason I’ve called it the 'inner circle' after all. I want to hear what makes you tick? Share with us something you’ve seen, thought, read or experienced in the last few weeks. What made your heart soar this month? Leave a comment below! Let's light up each other’s days! 

You can add your email address by scrolling to the bottom of this page (look for the 'Join the inner circle' form) or visit this website page.

And look out for the second email to confirm your subscription - because I only want people in the inner circle, who actually do want to be there!

(Ps. The emails aren’t likely to start until August after I get hitched. Just the small matter of a wedding to organise and enjoy before that!)  

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  • Thank you for letting me be part of your journey. I hope you have the most fantastic wedding day. Such a shame that Ellie cannot be part of it….c’est vie. Don’t forget you are welcome here any time, with or without us.
    Loads of love
    Aunty Ang xxxxxx


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