Inside-out guest blog - discovering crystals, with Jo of Crystal Clouds Gifts

Meeting a fellow gemstone lover 

Jo and I bonded over our mutual love of gemstones, crystals and all that glistens and shimmers, at Barkway Market

As soon as she made a beeline for me and introduced herself, I knew she was one of those people I would just resonate with. She explained her love of crystals: she sources and sells them from her lovely little shop in Hertford, whilst I find ways to set gemstones in bespoke and unique pieces of jewellery. Naturally, she knows a lot about particular stones and which are best where particular energy or rebalance is needed.

We did float the idea of teaming up at some point too, so I'll keep you posted! 

In the meantime, I asked her if she's be up for doing an Inside-out guest blog to tell us a bit more, and happily she agreed. So, without, further ado...


Hi, I’m Jo – Reiki Practitioner and founder of Crystal Clouds Gifts.  Lovely Dawn asked if I could give a little overview of the crystal world. 

Why crystals are special 

So where to begin….I guess with a little intro in to what crystals are and how they work. Crystals are naturally occurring minerals (made up of atoms) formed over millions of years. Over this time, the movement in the earths crust builds up immense pressure forcing motlen magma, liquids and gases towards the surface where they cool and crystallize and Taa daah – we have our crystals! 

Scientific research shows that crystals both absorb and omit energy. Each crystal has its own stable energy vibration. Like crystals, we are made up of vibrating atoms (energy), although ours is far from stable. When a crystal is placed close to us – our energy vibration comes in to alignment with that of the crystal.  

Which crystal is for me?

Choosing crystals can feel really overwhelming. For my customers and clients I try and break things down in to key life areas which I’d love to share with you.  For each area I have listed 5 crystals and their key healing properties. 

Gestones for Luck and Properity, Calm, Sleep and Hope (lhs) and close up of a pendant gemstone necklace (right)
Sleep and Calm 

Crystals can become our soothing soul mate when our emotions get the better of usThe crystals below are amazing for managing overwhelm and bringing a serene energy as well as absorbing negative vibes and aiding insomnia. 

  • HOWLITE: - calming - stills the mind - absorbs feelings of anger - restores patience - absorbs stress.  
  • BLUE LACE AGATE: - healing - inner peace and serenity - calming - speak your truth - dissolves stressful states of mind - melts negativity. 
  • AMETHYST: - protective - calms an overactive mind - encourages emotional balance - relieves sadness. 
  • AMAZONITE: - soothing - eases mental pain - heals traumatic energy - brings clarity - "hope" stone - boosts self esteem. 
  • CELESTITE: - enhance mental clarity - eases worries - inner peace - cools fiery emotions – calms inner torment. 

When we are facing tough times in our life, hope can often be what pulls us through.  There are some incredible crystals that can be by your side when you need it the most 

  • CLEAR QUARTZ: - most powerful energy healer - raises the minds power - clears negative thoughts - reach highest potential. 
  • ORANGE CALCITE: - cleansing and energising stone - manifestation and dreams - balances energy flow and emotions - softens fear - eases depression. 
  • OPAL: - new beginnings- inspiring and optimistic feelings - hope and inner peace - strengthens the will to keep going - gentle soothing energy. 
  • MOONSTONE: - new beginnings - aids intuition - connected to the moons energies - calms emotions and panic - aids and acceptance.  
  • AMAZONITE: - soothing stone - eases mental pain - heals traumatic energy – brings clarity and hope. 

When self doubt creeps in, or exams / interviews are on the horizon, these crystals can be in your personal toolkit to boost your self belief. 

  • TIGERS EYE: - protective and grounding -courage and self belief -  balances physical and emotional wellbeing  - increases self worth - alleviates low moods - harness inner strength. 
  • LABRADORITE: - transformation and courage -  self confidence - dispel insecurity - boosts creativity 
  • CARNELIAN: - stabilizing-high energy - courage and motivation - invigorates body and mind - sharpens concentration. 
  • HERMATITE: - protective- brings harmony to mind, body and spirit - reduces anxiety and helps insomnia - confidence booster. 
  • CITRINE: - the sunshine stone - warm energy - attracts wealth and success - increases self-confidence and stimulates creativity - decision making. 
Luck and Prosperity 

Whatever the area of life you want to welcome in more abundance -wealth, happiness, luck etc, these crystals will welcome a high vibe boost to your life. 

  • CITRINE: - The sunshine stone - radiates warm energy - motivates creativity and energising - attracts wealth and success - generous stone. 
  • CLEAR QUARTZ: - master healer - raises the minds power - clears negative thoughts of self doubt - enhances prosperity - clears the mind to reach highest potential. 
  • GREEN AVENTURINE: - the stone of opportunity -  attracts luck, opportunities and success - manifests wealth - encourages optimism and confidence. 
  • PYRITE: - protective  - fools gold - creates a shield around you to fend off negative energy - clears away past associations with money - a purifying stone. 
  • JADE: - a protective and serene stone - promotes self-sufficiency - helps you see through complex tasks - brings prosperity - enhances intuition. 

Whether it be self love, attracting a partner, healing a broken heart, the selection of crystals below is the perfect partner for you. 

  • ROSE QUARTZ: - a stone of unconditional love - infinite peace- opens the heart- deep inner healing - draws off negative energy - soothes internal pain. 
  • PINK OPAL: -  compassionate and nurturing - self-healing - heart with tranquil energy - the stone to ease a broken heart - aids self belief and self love. 
  • RHODONITE: - unconditional love - encourages joy and positivity - brings the heart to a place of happiness and purity - encourages self love enabling you to give love - a compassionate heart healer. 
  • EMERALD: - eternal love - radiates inspiration and peace -strengthens relationships - enhances unconditional love - brings harmony, compassion and love. 
  • BLACK TOURMALINE: - protective - increases focus, self understanding - disperses negative energy - helps you find the right direction - aids a shift from negative to positive thoughts. 

Grieving for someone or something or navigating our way through a living grief is something we all experience, the crystals below offer nurturing and protective energies combined with hope.  

  • SMOKEY QUARTZ: - grounding and stabilising  -  supports healing after loss - an anchor to help you to process your feelings -  clarity to help cope - shift negative energy into positive.  
  • CARNELIAN: - stabilizing - supported and safe - aids finding inner strength - overcomes negative conditioning - invigorates body and mind. 
  • ROSE QUARTZ: - unconditional love- infinite peace - opens the heart - deep inner healing - draws off negative energy - soothes internal pain. 
  • AMETHYST: - protective - peaceful -calms an overactive mind - protects against highs and lows - relieves sadness and grief. 
  • LEPIDOLITE: - a stabilising stone - stops obsessive thoughts and mood swings - dissolves negative energy - overcomes insomnia - encourages emotional healing and peace, releases behavioural patterns. 

We all need some of this!  I love this combination of crystals below to bring the sunshine in to our lives! 

  • SUNSTONE: - positive uplifting stone - increases feelings of happiness - brings good luck - increases self worth - promotes joyful warm feelings. 
  • LAPIS LAZULI: - protective and mood boosting stone - heals negative emotions - clears the mind - eases stress - lifts depression. 
  • FLOURITE: - cleansing stone - neutralises negative energy - promotes positive vibes - brings love and joy - quiets mental chatter, focus and clarity. 
  • CRAZY LACE AGATE: - support and encouragement - "life's laughter stone" - joy and happiness - absorbs emotional pain and trauma - increases energy at the same time as aiding concentration. 
  • AMETHYST: - protective stone - peaceful mind - calms an overactive mind - encourages emotional balance- absorbs negative energy. 

So, there you have your crystal toolkits for life, just remember: 

You don’t need to spend a fortune! 

Don’t forget to cleanse, charge, connect to and programme your crystals. 

Make sure you are buying your crystals from a trusted seller. 

Choose the crystal you are drawn to-trust your intuition (even if you think you don’t have one). 

    Where to find Jo: 

    Crystal Clouds Gifts: or Instagram @crystalcloudgifts (crystal sets, jewellery and individual pieces) 

    Reiki: (reiki studio in Hertford). 

    Jo from Crystal Clouds Gifts, with a display of colourful shiny gemstones in her shop in Hertford
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