Inside-out guest blog - Duncan's personal training and celebrity encounters!

Duncan is a long term friend through my husband and is one of the gentlest, most smiley men you might ever meet. He's also super informed about all things related to how to get in-shape, how to deal with injuries and stay toned and strong as we move through life. 

He's recently set up a monthly subscription online training portal, so I thought it would be the perfect time to find out more about how he got into the world of personal training and discover what the offer is all about. 



My name is Duncan from DV Personal Training and the lovely Dawn has invited me to do a guest post for her Inside-out blog, to tell you more about what I do.

So what to write?? I was thinking of health tips and advice but I am sure you have heard lots about the importance of exercise before, so I wanted to tell you a little bit about my background and then a little about what I believe in when training people. 

As I am a little bit shy when it comes to self promoting, I thought I would just be honest with you and share my journey about how I got to where I am today. 

I have been a huge lover of sport and keeping active my whole life, I was never indoors as a kid and always had to be pretty much dragged home when it was dark for tea. With my sport I became quite good at football and played semi pro in the UK & New Zealand (story for another day). This is also the reason I really have to work on my ankle and foot mobility as I have smashed them up a few hundred times!

After school, with such a love of sport, I decided to go to Uni and study sports science. I was 18 and had led a bit of a sheltered life and was too busy still climbing trees and playing football. Anyway, I ended up with a HND in sports science. 

When it came to getting a job and earning money I found work in the local gym handing out towels. After I got fed up of scrubbing changing room floor (not what I expected after Uni!) I became a fitness instructor and then a personal trainer. 

Fast forward about 10 years I had travelled Europe, Australia and lived in New Zealand for 2 years.. but I wanted more. So I went back to Uni and qualified with a 1st Degree in Sports science & professional football coaching (best in class as well!). This set me up with my degree and football coaching qualifications. 

My first job was working with Crystal Palace FC in the academy where I was responsible for making sure the players where exercising in a way that kept their mobility, built their strength, power and cardiovascular fitness. We worked on balance and coordination daily through warm ups, gym sessions and recovery sessions. I loved it as I also got to play football every day!

Life has a good way of pushing you on, and I was then approached by a friend to go for an interview at a company called Matt Roberts (who runs private personal training studios in Mayfair etc). I was offered a position as a trainer for them, and worked with Matt himself starting up and opening a fitness offering in a women's only members club in Belgravia. 

It turned out that the club, Grace Belgravia, was also being headed up by the Dr Tim Evans who is a lovely man and also was the Queens doctor. I saw him regularly walking to the Palace to go see Her Majesty! 

After a year as a trainer in this most beautiful environment, I was asked to become the manager of the gym (whilst still training clients). It was amazing!! This is where I get to name drop a little: I trained so many inspiring women who are super successful and who I am still friends with to this day.

One of my favourite people in the world is "Madame G" - Madame Genta who is the Ambassador of Monaco will message and ask after me and my boys!  I had Princess Eugenie coming to my boxing classes (I once gave her a high five in the Waitrose when I saw her after class. Her body guard was not happy ha ha!). I trained Elle Macpherson for twelve weeks before she moved back to Miami; she needed her beach body to be spot on (my wife is not a fan of hers haha!); I trained Megan Markel  for about a year before she met Harry. Harry, then Liz Hurly was also in the gym, I did her fitness test! I could go on... 

And now I am moving on from that, as it really is not me...

I spent six years at Grace, training people in private homes around Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Hyde park. It was great fun and I got to ride my bike everyday around London. 

Life pushed me forward again. Becks (my beautiful wife) and I welcomed Teddy come into our lives and then four months later.. Lockdown!!! I was newly self employed and so I had to make sure and keep a roof over our heads by taking my training online. 

I have not really looked back and since the start of lockdown I have been teaching classes online that I believe have really pushed up my skills in teaching people how to move and perform exercises correctly though my descriptions. 

I really focus on every component and movement to make sure everyone can understand. It's a bit different to being in person and having the opportunity to adjust technique hands on. 

I believe that with the physical aspect of my training there are four main focus points: 

I won't go into detail here but I will be launching a new part to my website very soon that will explain my philosophy of fitness in more detail.

If you have got this far though my ramblings, I thank you, as I say talking myself up is not my strong point - but I hope you'd like to learn more about me as a trainer!  

If you would like to know more or get some support with your fitness or mobility needs, I offer free consultations.

Find out more about getting Fit for Life - or book a free consultation - by visiting my website, emailing me on or following me on Facebook for daily videos (which my sons sometimes manage to photo-bomb!) 

Duncan's Bio 

Duncan lives in Bishop's Stortford with his wife Bec and two sons. He works with clients in and around Bishops Stortford, plus worldwide with his online personal training and classes. He enjoys getting out to explore nature on his bike or walking, playing silly games with his boys and playing guitar to relax. 

 DV training logo in white on royal blue background on left, with photo of a smiley Duncan in black t-shirt, to right

I'm always looking for interesting new things and fabulous people, to focus in on. So, if you'd like to feature on the Found by Dawn blog, social media and inner circle monthly email, drop me an email today.

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