Windblown Collection in development

If you'd like to be the first to see the pieces when they are finished and ready to be let out into the world, add your email to join my Inner Circle💗 Pinterest board with images that inspired the Windblown Collection, including water droplets, windchime shapes, green-blue colours and water reflections

Initial sketches made by jewellery designer Dawn when thinking about The Windblown Collection of handcrafted silver jewellery

Kitchen table with notepad, pens, compass, other drawing equipment and sketches to one side.Initial sketches and drawings, transferred into technical drawing on graph paper, showing various perspectives of an earring from the Windblown collection.Three photos: piece of 1mm scrap silver; next stage sticking template to metal; after the V has been cut out and holes pierced into its edge.To left, image of V-shaped silver with tube now soldered on each top edge. Right: my work bench with soldering station and earring at a later stage.Two photos, to left a now almost complete earring, the jump ring on top is about to be soldered. To the right, the completed piece, with beads on headpins to the side, ready to be added.Left stencil with post it note behind and mechanical pencil, middle clue with cut out templates, right templates stuck onto married metal pieces in copper and silverPhotos showing the bead selection process, one picture with them in pots and beads added, the other before the piece is assembled.Three images showing the process of creating a married metal piece with cut out sections. The first pre-soldering with copper and silver loose, the second once soldered and with heat resistant paste added so jump ring can be attached. The final one of the polished piece now ready for dangling beads to be added.Two photos showing templates and tracing paper. One before templates applied and the other after they have been stuck on with glue.Three images showing the workshop bench and pieces being templated, sawn out and filed.Sketches on graph paper of newly designed earring studs and anklets, which are soon to be part of the Windblown collection.Two photos, the first showing a piece of metal with templates stuck onto it, the second once the studs have been cut out, filed, and earring posts added, face down on a bench peg with drill holes all over it.Image showing the profile of a butterfly backed stud earring, with another butterfly back behind.Close up of my hand, with the ink version of the ring I have designed drawn onto my middle finger, as an experiment to see how it looks before making it!Numbered post it notes with tape for dangly bits of anklet and to the right, the chain with some dangling bits addedLeft: callipers measuring pieces of thin silver, before being polished and turned into butterfly backs (shown on right)Post it note with jobs (some ticked off), and to the right a glass of G&T in front of photo editing screenLeft stencil with post it note behind and mechanical pencil, middle clue with cut out templates, right templates stuck onto married metal pieces in copper and silverRight, circular copper and silver earrings in barrel polisher, middle beads in lids to stop them spilling with example earrings behind to copy, right a labelled post it note with strings of beads on headpins ready to be added to pieceSome cleaned and polished pieces drying on kitchen towel, before being turned into their final formThree photos: left box with pieces in labelled bags. middle laptop open on Assay Office admin page and weighing scales with items in front, right package ready to go to be hallmarked with boat living room behind  

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