Dancing Kite necklace

Front shot of model wearing sterling silver necklace with beads. Dancing Kite design, on silverside path
Handmade silver necklace - front shot of the Dancing Kite design dangling against white background, with beads below
Dancing Kite necklace on model as her hair blows in the cross wind of an open green field
Close up shot of the Dancing Kite, handmade necklace in sterling silver
Load image into Gallery viewer, Front shot of model wearing sterling silver necklace with beads. Dancing Kite design, on silverside path
Load image into Gallery viewer, Handmade silver necklace - front shot of the Dancing Kite design dangling against white background, with beads below
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dancing Kite necklace on model as her hair blows in the cross wind of an open green field
Load image into Gallery viewer, Close up shot of the Dancing Kite, handmade necklace in sterling silver

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The Dancing Kite design blows some contrast through The Windblown Collection. Other than the necklace chain, there is no chain within the pendant itself. Instead it’s heart is cut just one sheet of silver, with air and space flowing through its centre, matching the earrings and bangle 

Cascades of green-blue and clear silver-lined beads on silver headpins fall from three holes at the bottom of the pendant, like the tails of a kite waiting to be teased by a breeze.  It gives a gentle nudge to whoever it is wearing it and whispers: “Remember to breathe, everything is okay. I am air and I am here to look after you. Let’s dance together and see where the wind takes us.” 

A 4mm oval jump ring sits atop the kite-shaped pendant, and a delicate silver cable chain threads through it, creating an elegant descent towards the beads at the bottom of the pendant.  

I can adjust the length of the necklace chain to suit your requirements, but if you would like  a different length from the standard detailed here, please state this in the comments when you place your order, or send me an email. There is further information in the dropdown section ‘Chain lengths and ring sizes’, below.   

The detail

The length of the silver kite (including the 3mm jump ring carefully soldered to its top) is 4.1cm top to bottom, 1.1 side to side, and it is 1mm thick. The beads are around 2mm in diameter and there are nine on each headpin which measure 2cm from the loop at the top, to the ball at the bottom. The top of the pendant to the bottom of the bead cascades, at its longest point, measures 6.1cm.  

The standard sterling silver necklace chain is 50cm/19.7", so with the pendant the necklace measures 31cm/12.2" from the back of the neck to the bottom of the lowest bead. The chain is finished with a spring ring  clasp and 4mm oval jump ring catch, both in sterling silver.

Chain lengths and bespoke bangle and ring sizes

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You are welcome to request a specific length of necklace chain, and/or an exact ring size. There is no extra charge for this service, but please do ensure you specify your requirements within the comments when placing your order. Alternatively, if you have any queries or wish to amend an order you have already made, please email me on dawn@foundbydawn.co.uk  

Necklace, bracelet, bangle or anklet lengths:

Simply take a tape measure and loop around your neck, wrist or anklet (you may need someone to help), or even better use a necklace, bracelet or anklet that is of the length you would like and measure it from end to end (including catches and clasps) 

For further help, please check out my handy guide to necklace lengths

Ring sizes:

If you are unsure of your size, I would strongly recommend purchasing a ring sizer like this one (£1.20). Please note that this is for illustration purposes only; I have no affiliation with Amazon or this seller and you can obviously choose to buy these from other providers). 

Alternatively this guide will help you find the correct measurement for the finger you wish to wear the ring on. Please double check before sending your order and bear in mind that your knuckle which the ring needs to move over, may be bigger than the base of your finger where it will sit.   

Bespoke requests

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I have presented the standard options for variation – such as size variations, satin or high shine finish - and you may select these to suit your preferences when placing your order.   

If you love a design, but would like another finish not listed, such as the item in gold, gold plate, two different metals, or with the extra touch of a stone (or stones) added, please contact me direct, by emailing your contact phone number to dawn@foundbydawn.co.uk. 

It is best for me to talk to you about what you would like, and I can provide you with a bespoke quotation, with no obligation.  

Ecosilver and low carbon impact

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I use Ecosilver wherever possible, sourced from Cookson Gold*. Ecosilver is fully traceable and audited and produced from 100% scrap metal. If you are interested to learn more, visit their website page which explains more 

My blog about environmental impact explains more about the steps I am taking to ensure my small business is has as low a carbon impact as possible. 

Discover the reasons why buying handmade jewellery from Found by Dawn, is so special, here.

*On occasion more specific items like headpins and chain has to be sourced from other suppliers. In these cases there may be a small part of your piece of handmade jewellery which may not have been recycled, but please be assured that wherever there is a more sustainable option, I will choose it. I care about environmental impact and am doing all I can to minimise my carbon footprint.  


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Legally in the UK, any silver piece of silver jewellery weighing more than 7.78g, must be hallmarked in order to be sold as silver. Many of my creations weigh less than this, but I sometimes choose to get them hallmarked anyway (see individually listings). 

Jewellers who use hallmarks, are reassuring you of the quality of precious metal they use, ensuring your chosen piece stays special long into the future.

You can learn more about what the hallmarks mean and why they are important in this pdf, or watch the video below. 

Logo with leopard's head in gold to right with text to left: 'Hallmark of The Goldsmiths' Company since 1300' then a line under both and under that the text 'Proud to Hallmark in London'

Returns and refunds

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I hope you love your new piece of Found by Dawn jewellery. However, if it seems to have a fault, you have received the wrong item or there are other issues with your order, please email dawn@foundbydawn.co.uk, as soon as possible.

I operate a 14 day Refund policy, which you can read here: foundbydawn.co.uk/policies/refund-policy

Please note, no refunds can be offered on a vouchers or gift cards. However if there is a fault with a piece paid for with a voucher or gift card, the same terms apply as for a regular purchase. 

For answers to commonly asked questions visit my FAQ's page.


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