There's something in the kingfisher...

Unexpectedly (always unexpectedly) a streak of brightest luminescent blue streaks past and you are suddenly reminded of the beauty in this world.

I've been grappling. With lots of things actually, including the shape of me and my world now I'm no longer working full time for the first time in as long as I can remember... 

Mainly though, I've been grappling with how to evolve Found by Dawn. I want to work more with recycled silver and gold, as well as ethically sourced precious and semi-precious gemstones. The new designs bubbling up under the surface - so far just pictures in my mind and scribbles on paper - are more involved, more colourful, more decadent.

Sketches made for silver jewelry designs of the Windblown Collection

When I think about these new ideas, they are still born from nature, but they don't blend in. They stand out. They dazzle. And then I think about the kingfisher.

It can be the most dank, grey, misely day on the river, and all of a sudden - unexpectedly - a stunning streak of brightest blue soars past you. The kingfisher is completely oblivious that it just turned your day on its head, and made it lucky and brilliant in a couple of seconds. You can't help be reminded how beautiful the world is as your heart soars.  

I imagine there might be a glint of recognition (you know the kind, when you first met your best friend) when he sees another kingfisher. But its not an admiring glance of outward beauty. It's deeper and more soulful than that: a connection of spirit. He's drawn to the other kingfisher, to what is underneath the bright blue wings and fire orange breast feathers.  

You know those friends. We all have at least one. They are completely oblivious to their own beauty even as they light up the room. Kingfisher friends...

I want my jewellery to create the same feeling that the kingfisher - and those friends - give you. I want it to dazzle unassumingly, draw people in to your inner beauty whilst making your heart soar. I want it to be with you, as you light up the room. 


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  • You are one of my Kingfisher friends for sure x

    Virginia Goode

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